What are the requirements for customized industrial aluminum profile frames?

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Industrial aluminum profiles are now well-known to everyone. Just now they are mainly used in the machinery and equipment industry. Later, DIY enthusiasts used them to customize various household frames. It can be said that the application of industrial aluminum profiles has basically no regional restrictions. As long as everyone It can appear wherever you want to use it. This article mainly introduces to you what needs to be paid attention to in the customized frame of industrial aluminum profiles?

1. To customize the industrial aluminum profile frame, the first step is to draw the drawing, and the finished frame is processed according to the data provided on the drawing.

2. The structure of the design should be reasonable. The load-bearing of a frame is closely related to the structure, accessories and connection methods, so the structural design is very important.

3. Ergonomic, no matter what kind of frame is customized, it is convenient for work and makes employees work comfortably.

The above is a brief introduction to this article, I hope the content of the article can help everyone.