We focus on the whole industrial chain R&D and production of high-end industrial aluminum profiles.

From aluminum rod casting to the R&D and production of aluminum extrusion dies to the field of aluminum extrusion and aluminum finishing and surface treatment, AnAn has a mature system and industrial support.

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Clean energy – contributing to the sustainable development.

Under the strategic background of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, we are committed to the photovoltaic new energy industry and contribute to sustainable development. For this reason, part of the power for our production comes from BIPV.

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Low-carbon travel,we walk with you.

Under the dual pressure of "energy pollution" and "environmental pollution", the automotive industry advocates contributing to a low-carbon economy. In the field of aluminum components for new energy vehicles, we are committed to creating a full-process project development system.

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Empower the medical care and increase the happiness.

Modern medical buildings are paying more and more attention to barrier-free, functional and sustainable, and aluminum alloy components play an important role here.

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He travels afar, he alters landscapes.

The lightweight development of rail transit has become a focus topic, and we take innovation as the core element to promote the exploration of lightweight and environmental protection of rail transit aluminum alloy parts.

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Who are we ?

Focus on high-end industrial aluminum profile research and development and production

2015 / Establishment time

As a member of the world’s booming aluminum industry, An'an Aluminum was born in the Chizhou city, Anhui Province,China. With a plant area of 60 acres, An'an is located in the Jiangnan Industrial Cluster. Founded in January 2017.We are a one-stop service of aluminum alloy that covers the production capabilities from Aluminum casting,R&D and production of extrusion die,Aluminum Surface Treatment,Aluminum Deep Processing to the Multi-material Assembly of Aluminum.Our products are widely utilized in Artificial Intelligence, 5G Construction, Aviation and Aerospace, High-speed Rail, New Energy Vehicle, Medical Machinery and Equipment, Solar Photovoltaic and other field. We strive to deliver lightweight and environmental-friendly solutions.

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Mold Design and Manufacturing

Processing capacity

Mold Design and Manufacturing

The company has from mold design, mold manufacturing, mold heat treatment and a series of complete mold manufacturing production lines. The next step will be independent research and development and manufacturing of clamping tools and related lightweight materials for automotive parts.
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Application Field

Recommended Product

Industrial Layout

1 headquarters (R & D, marketing), multiple bases (production, delivery) close to the customer factory model

News Information

Sustainable development

With the photovoltaic industry leader - Longi to establish a long-term partnership

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We can be found here

Chizhou Anan New Material Technology Co., LTD

Anan Industrial Park, Wanjiang Jiangnan emerging industry concentration Zone, Chizhou City, Anhui Province