Rail Transit

Lightweight has become an inevitable choice for the rail transit industry, and the density of aluminum is only one-third of that of steel, and it has become an ideal material for the rail transit industry because of its good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and excellent moldability. AnAn is committed to product development and manufacturing in the rail transit industry, and the company's self-developed "corrosion-resistant and highly conductive" high-speed rail ---- bus bar has increased the service life of similar products by 5 times.
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Medical Device Accessories

In the field of aluminum alloy medical devices, many new technologies and products are emerging, which have fundamentally improved and enhanced clinical medicine. We believe aluminum alloy medical devices in the future will definitely incorporate information technology, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. Aluminum alloy components are essential to modern medical architecture which is increasingly focused on accessibility, functionality, and sustainability.
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Solar Photovoltaics

Photovoltaic solar energy directly converts sunlight into electricity through the photoelectric effect. Aluminum is the most ideal material for photovoltaic solar energy, and the unique lightweight and anti-corrosion characteristics of aluminum alloy can make the device very convenient to move and extend the service life. AnAn Aluminum contributes about 5,000 tons of materials in the photovoltaic field every year, contributing a green power to China's green environmental protection.
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New Energy Vehicle

With consumers' increasing preference for automobiles and the growing demand for lightweighting, as well as the continuous development of the mobile ecosystem, auto makers are seeking innovative and sustainable solutions for the next generation of automobiles using our aluminum materials. We collaborate with our customers in the whole process from project development to product release, aiming to create new products and processes to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. We have engaged in the automotive sector for 10 years, accumulating rich experience in the innovation of next-generation vehicles.
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