Mold Design and Manufacturing

The company has a series of complete mold manufacturing production lines from mold design, mold manufacturing to mold heat treatment. The next step will be to start independent research and development and manufacture of mold clamp gauges and related lightweight materials for automotive parts.
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High-end industrial aluminum extrusion & casting

The company now has more than 40 extrusion production lines of full specifications (700 Tons - 3600 Tons), which fully meet the processing and customization needs of customers' diversified products. In addition, it is equipped with an advanced aluminum rod casting workshop, and the professional technical team ensures the reasonable ratio of aluminum alloy components, so as to achieve the ideal performance of aluminum products. In addition, we also have many years of mature experience in aluminum recycling and remanufacturing.
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Aluminum Deep Processing

The first phase of the company is equipped with 100 sets of high-precision large-stroke CNC, and will invest in pull-bending and assembly automation workstations to meet the extended processing needs of aluminum automotive parts. The company has more than 30 advanced photovoltaic frame deep processing equipment to meet the huge market demand for expanding photovoltaic new energy modules.
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Aluminum Die Casting

Precision aluminum alloy die casting, it helps China gradually transformed from a low-end product "processing factory" into the center of the world's aluminum alloy casting industry.We invested a total of 100 million yuan and purchased 13 aluminum alloy die casting machines(from the smallest 80 tons die casting machine 80 Tons to the largest 1250Tons.)in order to cater to this development trend .It has the process flow from mold design, mold development and production, die-casting, drilling and tapping, polishing, electroplating to spraying.
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Aluminum Alloy Surface Treatment and Finished Product Assembly

We are equipped with professional large anodizing line, small anodizing line as well as electrostatic spraying line and 4 finished products assembly lines that would enable us to control the costs for different anodizing products. We are on the way to explore the surface treatment solution that is more sustainable to the environment.
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